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  • Touchscreen PLS and Graphical Operator Interface
    in One Unit
  • Five Screen Sizes Available:  5" Color,
    6" Monochrome, 8" Color, 9" Monochrome EL,
    and 10" Color
  • Most-Advanced PLS with Leading- and Trailing-
    Edge Speed Compensation
  • PLS Settings and Machine Data Totally Integrated
    with your PLC
  • Programmable Graphical Interface to Over 30
    Models of PLCs
  • Dynamic zeroing upon external command
  • 32 PLS Programs
  • 8 levels of security
  • Brake-wear Monitor
  • Built-in Motion Detector and Tachometer
  • Angle ON/Angle OFF and Angle/ON/Time OFF
  • Broken wire detection
  • Short-Circuit-Proof Resolver
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Optically Isolated Inputs & Outputs

Also available in backpanel mount unit without LCD display. The backpanel mount unit has resolver input and PLS outputs. The resolver and PLS information is available at High network speeds to PLCs and Networks. the unit is configured using a windows based programming software.


Touch·PLS is a traditional PLS that's been combined with a touchscreen-based Graphical Operator Interface. No longer do you have to contend with LEDs, switches, pushbuttons, and keypads. Touch-PLS graphically depicts your application, while providing machine settings and status and production data. All programming and fine-tuning of the PLS settings occurs in a Windows-type environment. While the unit comes with predesigned screens, AVG Automation's ltWIN software makes it easy to create or customize screens to suit your particular application.

One size fits all!
You don't need separate PLS and PLC operator interfaces when you use Touch·PLS because it does double duty; serving as a PLS interface/control as well as an operator interface to the PLC. There's no need to clutter up your machine's operator panel with several different displays when Touch·PLS does it all! It reduces panel space, which also reduces installation costs and hardware costs.

Touch·PLS Principle of Operation
The Touch
·PLS, as shown in the block diagram, uses two processors, one for the PLS and the other to manage, display, and communicate to the PLC. The PLS processor reads its position signals from the resolver mounted on the machine's shaft. It controls position-based outputs independent of the interface processor, providing fast repeatable outputs. The PLS processor and the interface processor share information using a 11024-register shared memory. The dynamic information, such as position, RPM, and output status, is available to the interface processor for display through registers.

The interface processor also shares data with the connected PLC through a second set of 1,024 registers. This arrangement makes it easy to display data from both the PLC and PLS on one screen. In addition, 32 registers (16 in each direction) are used to exchange time-critical information between the PLS and PLC through the interface processor. These registers can be used to send position, RPM, and output status information to the PLC.

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