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M1150-M10 Series Digital Shut-Height Monitor

Precise Shut Height Indication

The M1150-M10 measures shut-height to an accuracy of 4096 counts per turn of the resolver connected to the shut-height motor, thus providing accuracy of better than 0.001”

Easy Calibration

The M1150-M10 scales decoded position into user friendly engineering units. The calibration of unit is extremely simple and does not require any computations. All users have to do is to move ram to two distinct positions and enter the Shut Height corresponding to those positions.The unit computes scaling parameters automatically.

Absolute Position

The M1150-M10 shut-height monitor, unlike incremental encoder systems, is absolute. Because of the absolute nature of the resolver, the position is retained even during power loss. In addition, it is highly immune to electrical noise interference.

Drift Monitoring

Shut-height can drift over a period of time. This unique feature from Autotech generates an alarm output if shut-height falls out of a preset programmed range.

Upper and Lower Travel Limits

M1150-M10 has a provision for monitoring upper and lower shut-height limits. Alarm will be generated if an operator tries to set shutheight outside his programmed range.

Self-Diagnostics & Broken Resolver Cable

The M1150-M10 constantly monitors internal circuitry and resolver. In case a fault occurs or resolver cable is broken, the unit goes into a Fault mode and activate alarm outputs to provide fail-safe operation

The Most Versatile Small Footprint
Resolver-to-Digital Shut-Height Monitor

The M1150-M10 is a multi-turn programmable Shut Height Monitor. It takes the input from a single turn resolver like Autotech’s series E7R or RL100 which is coupled to the shaft of the shut-height motor. The M1150-M10 decodes the resolver signals using highly noise immune ratiometric decoding technique, scales the digital data based on the programmed scale factor and
displays it on the front panel. The position information is continuously compared to two programmable preset limits and the outputs are activated when limit conditions are satisfied. All outputs of the M1150-M10 are optically isolated and the resolver inputs are differential, ensuring extremely reliable operation of the unit even in the harshest of industrial conditions.

The M1150-M10 will decode the shaft angle to 1/4096th of a revolution (12 bits) and keep track of multiple revolutions. The Shut Height Monitor also features tachometer and motion detector, fractional scaling, preprogrammed preset value with an external trigger, full decimal point control and 2 channels of position based alarm outputs.

Prescalable, Presettable; Yet Absolute

A wide range of easy to set programmable scale factors (0.3 - 4095.999) eliminates the need of mechanical gear trains and prescales the display to readout directly in engineering units. Any preset number can be jammed into the position “counter” by an external signal, thus “offsetting” or “re-zeroing” the machine in no time. As described earlier, scale factor can be automatically calculated for easy calibration of the M1150-M10 shutheight monitor.

Simple Front Panel Programming

The M1150-M10 is fully front panel programmable for all variables and yet secure against any unauthorized program changes. Opening of an external user-provided keyswitch inhibits any program changes on the front panel.

No Batteries, Nonvolatile Memory

Nonvolatile EEROM memory retains information indefinitely after power loss or machine shutdown, eliminating batteries and related hazards.

Reliable Under Extreme Environments

The M1150-M10 combines the ruggedness of a brushless resolver and reliability of a solid-state control. The resolver can be mounted on a machine shaft in any hostile environments such as mechanical shock, vibrations, extreme humidity and temperature changes, oil mists, coolants, solvents, etc., and the programmable unit M1150-M10 can be mounted up to 2500 feet away in control panel.

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