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M1450 Series Linear Shut Height MonitorM1450 Series Linear Shut Height Monitor

Linear Transducer based Shut-Height Monitor

  • Bright LED Display
  • Splash-proof oil tight front plate
  • Tactile keyboard designed for simple front panel programming
  • Ultrasonic linear transducer from 12"-108"

The M1450 series Shut-Height monitor uses linear ultrasonic rod as its position feedback device. Ultrasonic transducers are easier to mount on the shut-height mechanism, however the cost increases in proportion to maximum shut-height of the press. A 6 digit LED display indicates shutheight as well as 8 programmable PLS limits associated with the shut height.

Simple to Program Linear Shut-Height Monitor

Principle of Operation

The M1450 programmable shut-height monitor consists of two parts, one being a linear transducer mounted on the shut-height mechanism and the other, a programmable unit mounted in the Press control panel. The position signal is scaled and displayed on the front panel, which indicates shut-height in appropriate engineering units. There are 8 programmable limits that monitor shut-height value than provide alarm outputs.

Linear Ultrasonic Transducer

The M1450 reads the linear travel with 0.001” resolution and up to 108” of travel. This unit utilizes an ultrasonic transducer to monitor the linear position of a shut-height mechanism by the movement of a 1.3” diameter magnet ring over a 3/8” diameter stainless steel rod. An ultrasonic wave travels along side the stainless steel tube and is reflected by the magnet. Time measurement of the ultrasonic wave determines the position of the magnet from the base of the transducer.

Easy Calibration

The M1450 requires calibration at the time of installation. The calibration process tells the M1450 the characteristics of the
linear rod being used. Calibration is extremely easy. All that is required is entering a number printed on the label of linear rod.

Programmable Scale Factor

The base measurement from the transducer can be converted to any engineering unit by a programmable scale factor.

Drift Monitor

Shut-height drift is monitored against a programmed upper and lower limit and an appropriate output is generated if shut-height is outside the limit.

Upper and Lower Travel Limits

A second PLS channel can be programmed to generate an alarm output if shut-height exceeds upper limit or is below the lower

External Program Enable/Disable

Limit comparison can be disabled by an external input

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