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M1150-M10 Digital Shut Height Monitor Specifications

E7R or RL100 resolver for ShutHeight measurement and 2 PNP
(Sourcing) alarm Outputs
M1150-M10 Features:

  • Shut-Height indication, 0.001” accuracy
  • Prescalable, Presettable
  • Automatic calculation of scale factor
  • Simple front panel programming
  • Built-in self Diagnostics
  • Programmable Drift Monitor
  • Programmable Over & Under travel Monitor

AC: 120 VAC ± 10%, 7 VA; Optional 220, 240 VAC
DC: 11-28 VDC, 100 mA (typical) exclusive of load
Operating Temperature: -10 to +130°F (-23 to +55°C)
Position Transducer:
Autotech’s series RL100, E7R resolvers
Signal Resolution: 4096 counts/turn
Scale Factor: 0.300 - 4095.999, programmable
Output Update Rate: 1.4 ms
Preset: 6 digits
Decimal Point: Fully Programmable
Resolver Cable length: 2500 ft. (max) shielded

(All outputs have to be same type)
P: PNP source transistor;
    Logic True: Transistor ON, 1.7 V drop @100 mA;
    Logic False: Transistor OFF, 0.2 mA leakage@ 50 V
Output Isolation:
    All outputs optically isolated up to 2500 Volts

Program Enable Input, Output Enable Input for P
Output Units:

    Enable: 0.8 V max@ 5 mA;
    Disable: 4V - 28 VDC or No Connection

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