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M1450, and M1451 Mini•PLS

The Incredible Versatility of the Autotech Controls PLS Family

M1450, M1451 Mini-PLS

  • 40 Channels in 6.25" x 4.5" x 7.25" compact enclosure
  • 57-85 µs scan time assures high repeatability (M1250)
  • Programmable Rate Offset (ROF) for automatic speed compensation (M1450)
  • Dynamic Zeroing -- ModZ -- to modify the zero point for selected channels (M1450)
  • EEPROM transportable plug-in output modules make maintenance easy
  • Optically isolated power or logic outputs
  • Rugged reliable resolver or ultrasonic linear transducer input
  • Patented + and - keys allow fine-tuning the setpoints in motion
  • Built-in tachometer and motion detector
  • Programmable scale factor; resolution up to 4,096 counts-per-turn
  • Auto-Zero for zero offset
  • Optional broken-wire detector
  • Optional serial RS-232C or RS-422A communication
  • Multi-turn available
  • Brake Monitor option (M1451)

The MINI-PLS, models M1450 and M1451, are the fastest and most versatile PLS family in the market. We call it Mini because of the small compact size, but it is big in performance.

In fact, MINI-PLS is three controls in one: Programmable Limit Switch, Tachometer, and Motion Detector. The powerful microprocessor and the revolutionary design make MINI-PLS an extremely compact, fast and versatile solid-state replacement of electromechanical cam switches.

The high accuracy, reliability, operating speed and convenience of operation assure greater efficiencies in manufacturing, helping to increase production and reduce cost.

Principal of Operation

The MINI-PLS consists of two parts, one being a position transducer mounted on the machine and the other a programmable unit mounted in the machine control panel. The position transducer in this case can be a resolver or an ultrasonic linear transducer, which produces a rotary or linear position signal. This position signal is converted to digital format in the programmable unit, displayed on the front panel and compared to the dwell setpoints programmed into the PLS. When process cycle reaches these setpoints, outputs are enabled or disabled, starting or stopping desired functions during the cycle.

Mini-PLSAbsolute Positioning With Programmable Scale Factor
The resolver as well as the ultrasonic linear transducer provide absolute positioning, that is, the MINI-PLS always gives TRUE position even upon machine movement after power outage. Further, a programmable scale factor up to 4,095 (resolution of 4,096 per turn) is provided to meet the required system resolution or for direct readout in engineering units. For linear transducer systems the resolution is predefined as 1,000 counts-per-inch.

Keyboard Programming

The MINI-PLS is fully front panel programmable with convenient tactile keyboard and yet secure against any unauthorized program changes. Opening of an external user provided keyswitch inhibits any program changes on the front panel.

Rugged and Reliable

Single or Multi-turn Resolver or Ultrasonic Linear Transducer Input
The MINI-PLS combines the ruggedness of a brushless resolver or noncontacting ultrasonic linear transducer and the reliability of an advanced solid-state control. The rugged, heavy-duty NEMA 13 (IP54) single- or multi-turn resolver can be mounted on a machine in any hostile environment; such as mechanical shock, vibrations, extreme humidity and temperature changes, oil mists, coolants, solvents etc. The programmable control unit can be mounted up to 2500 feet (1000 feet for linear transducer) away in a control panel. The splash-proof oil-tight front plate permits the unit to be installed directly on the machine itself, if so required. The ratiometric converter assures high tracking speed of 1800 rpm and high noise immunity.

Modular, Easy to Service

Modular 40 Channels in 6.25" x 4.5" x 7.25" compact enclosure. The ultra-modern technology used by Autotech has made it possible to house 40 channels in such a small space saving enclosure. The system flexibility is further enhanced by the modular construction. The unit can be expanded up to 40 channels using five modules of eight channels each. A cam module with desired logic level or power outputs or a separate chassis with plug-in power relay outputs can be selected to match the application. Parallel BCD position and tach output modules can be inserted in slots 4 or 5. This modular concept also permits an easy adoption in field to the future technological developments by simply adding new modules to the same basic unit.

EEROM Transportable Modules

No Batteries, Nonvolatile EEROM Memory
The scale factor, offset, dwell, and motion detector setpoints are all stored in nonvolatile EEROM memory as they are entered by the user. The information is retained indefinitely after power loss or machine shutdown, eliminating need for back-up batteries and related hazards.

Program Stored in Transportable Plug-in Modules

The program setpoints are stored directly in the cam modules in nonvolatile EEROM memory. The information is retained without power, even when the modules are taken away from the MINI-PLS. This unique feature of program storage in the cam module permits programming of various modules for different jobs or spares, reducing downtime and eliminating eventual errors due to hurried reprogramming at job changes. Also, the cam modules can be programmed at a central place, such as corporate headquarters, and distributed to various plant locations.

Variety of Plug-in Output Modules

The plug-in cam modules are optically isolated and are available with TTL, PNP or NPN type of logic level outputs. The sub D connector style on these modules with preassembled cable assembly eliminates all field wiring and the related eventual wiring errors. Power cam modules are also available with AC (120 VAC @ I A) or DC (10-28 VDC @ I A) ratings. Optional electromechanical relays (10 A) and solid-state AC (3 A) or DC (3 A) relays are mounted on a separate chassis. All these relays are plug-in type for easy field replacement. The solid-state relays are optically isolated. Optional parallel BCD position and tach output modules with built-in PC-handshake as well as analog position/tach output modules are available for remote readouts or control devices.

A Variety of Models to Meet Your Application Needs

M1450 Mini-PLS

Advanced Features

Programmable Rate Offset, ROF, for Automatic Speed Compensation
The M1450 MINI-PLS features a rate offset to compensate for speed variations. This rate offset represents a positive number that varies linearly with RPM. This number is added to the resolver position and is used to advance the PLS settings as a function of the machine speed. Depending upon the selected model, you can program a single rate offset value for a group of 8 channels on a cam module or different rate offset values for up to 16 individual channels.

Dynamic Zeroing, ModZ
The M1450 MINI-PLS features dynamic zeroing or ModZ (Modification Zero) to modify the zero reference point for selected group of channels independent of the actual resolver position. Upon receiving an external signal, the resolver position for the selected ModZ channels is reset to zero. Thereafter the position is incremented as the resolver rotates forward and outputs are turned on and off at the programmed limit settings. This feature is ideal for gluing applications, where the glue-gun must be activated at a certain position after the detection of an upcoming product. Depending upon the selected model, you can operate up to 4 ModZ cam modules or 32 outputs.

Linear PLS with Single-Turn Resolver

Model SAC-M1450-M10

This is a semiabsolute position programmable limit switch that uses a single-resolver as input and has a maximum resolution of 4096 counts-per-revolution. This model is a multi-turn unit that keeps track of number of revolutions and accumulates its position as the resolver shaft rotates. The maximum read out is 999,999. The position is retained on loss of power provided the resolver shaft is not rotated more than 180 degrees while power is off. A preset input is provided to enter a preset number into the memory as a reference position. The ModZ trigger and ModZ enable inputs allow ModZ functions for up to three cam modules. Speed compensation is also provided for all cam modules installed.

Linear PLS with Multi-turn (Dual) Resolver

Models SAC-M1450-D64, SAC-M1450-D128

The multi-turn (dual) resolver MINI-PLS models D64 and D128 resolve the position of a rotary shaft up to 4096 counts­per-turn. These systems, utilizing dual resolvers with built-in precision gear train, are fully absolute and keep track of the shaft position as well as number of turns, regardless of power failure, up to 64 and 128 turns respectively.

Linear PLS with Ultrasonic Transducer

Model SAC-M1450-LTO

The linear MlNI-PLS, model LTO, decodes the linear movement with 0.00 1 " resolution and up to 108 " of travel. This unit utilizes an ultrasonic transducer to monitor the linear position of a machine by the movement of a 1.3" (33.02 mm) diameter magnet ring over a 3/8" (9.53 mm) diameter stainless steel rod. The transducer is connected to an interface box, which is mounted a few feet away. The linear PLS can be mounted up to 1000 ft (304.8 m) away in a safe control room environment. In addition, a calibration provision eliminates the need to physically match the decoder to the rod, a problem encountered in earlier controls.

The maximum TRUE position ranges up to 108,000 counts but it can be offset to 524,287. ModZ function for up to two cam modules is provided. Tach or speed compensation is not available. Instead, the M1450-LTO provides a direction signal that is on for increasing position and off for decreasing position.

Choice of Front-Panel, Back-Panel, or NEMA 12 (IP52) Enclosure Mounting

The basic MINI-PLS unit with its sealed front plate is designed for front panel mounting. It has T- (5 V, TTL), P-, or N-type (50 V DC @ 100 mA) outputs for light loads or PC interface. For higher voltages and currents, Power Cam Modules or remote power output chassis are available. The MINI-PLS can also be purchased in a back panel mount ver­sion with built-in power relay output chassis. This back panel model can be mounted either inside the user control panel or in a NEMA 12 (IP52) enclosure available from AVG Automation.

Single-Turn Rotary PLC with Brake Wear Monitor

Model SAC-M1450-M10

Model M1451-010 PLS is an absolute position resolver which accepts input from a single-turn Resolver. It combines a PLS, tach, and motion detector and features a built-in broken-wire detector. It also has MODZ, speed compensation and brake­wear monitoring capability. At 1800 RPM the micro-scan time is rated 450-905 µs.

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