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Ethernet Encoders Software

AVG Encoder Config 3.23MB
AVG IPConfig 2.99MB

Touch PRLS Software

Touch PRLS v1.4.8 - 5.8MB

Touch PRLS programming software is a user friendly Windows based program that allows you to program the Autotech Touch PLS. You will be able to configure the Touch PLS using the Touch PRLS programming software and the Uticor uWin08 HMI editor (version 2.2.)

Uticor uWin08 HMI programming software for TouchPLS

uWin08 v2.3.37 - 99MB

The uWin08 programming software is the HMI/Operator Interface development software for the Autotech TouchPLS. The uWin08 editor allows one to program the screens associated with the TouchPLS while the TouchPRLS software configurs all of the PLS setpoints / parameters.



DM2 Snap Track Mount Single Resolver Decoder DM2 Dual Resolver Decoder (DM2-DTRAK-0X) DM7 Resolver Decoder with InterBus S Interface
DM7 14BIT Single Turn Single Channel Resolver Decoder DM7 Resolver Decoder Single-Turn Single Channel DMM Multi-Axis Multi-Turn Resolver-Decoder
DMS Multi-Axis Single-Turn Resolver-Decoder M1151 M10A Programmable Multi-Turn Resolver Decoder M1150 M10 Programmable Resolver Decoder
M1890-R PPR and M1890-S PSI M7350 Programmable Resolver Decoder Function Modules M8000 D360T Resolver Decoder Input Module
M8000 Resolver Decoder Input Modules Single Turn Resolver Decoder-Module TI-505 M8350 LBus Single Turn Resolver Decoder


E1R and E9R Rotary Position Transducers Hollow Shaft Resolver (SAC-RL500-XXX) ModBus Plus Multi-Turn Resolver
ModBus Plus
Rotary Position Transducer (SAC-RL100-M19) Rotary Position Transducers (SAC-RL220-G010x)
Rotary Position Transducer (Single-Turn, Geared Single-Turn and Dual Multi-Turn Resolvers) E8R-RL210 G01MC and E8R-RL210 G011S Rotary Position Transducers  


E5N and E8N Series DigiSolvers E7N and E5N DeviceNet Slave DigiSolver Irwin Research DigiSolver E7N-G0256-5TOIR
Profibus-DP Slave E7N and E5N Digisolvers    


M1020 Programmable Limit Switch M1025 Programmable Limit Switch M1050 A10 Programmable-Limit Switch
M1050 M10 Programmable Limit Switch M1051 Programmable Limit Switch M1052 Programmable Limit Switch
M1056 Programmable Limit Switch M1150 Mini-PLS Programmable Limit Switch M1151 A Mini-PLS (SAC-M1151-8X0P)
M1151 Mini-PLS M1250 Mini-PLS Tachometer and Motion Detector M1450-300/400/MROF Mini-PLS
M1450-D64/D128 Dual Resolver Mini-PLS M1450-M10 Linear-Transducer Mini-PLS M1450 Serial
Cam Module
M1451 Mini-PLS M1750 Programmable Limit Switch M1950
Base Unit
M1950 I2-PLS
Output Module
M8250 Sinking
Output Module
M8251 LBus
PLS Module
M8251 PLS in the TI505 Series PLC System Programmable Limit Switch for for TI505 Series I/O Programming the M1052 16 Channel PLS
Allen Bradley M8000 LBus-Cradle CAM Modules for M1250-M1450 Mini-PLS  

Advanced Press Automation Monitors

M1030 E Programmable Load Monitor, Mini-PLM M1200 Series Die Protection System w/Programmable PLS M1950
Base Unit
M1950 I2-PLS
Output Module
M1950 I2-PLS Die Protection Module M1950 I2-PLS Peak Tonnage Module
M2020 Absolute Position Die Set-Control M7251 Die Protect (DPPLS) Function Module M7350 CBusModule Resolver Shut Height Indicator
M7350 CBusModule Resolver Shut Height Controller    


Smart Encoder Optical Incremental Size 15 Optical Incremental Mini-Encoder Smart Encoder Resolver Absolute
Smart Encoder Resolver Incremental Smart Encoder Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP  

Remote Displays

RD360 Remote
Remote Relay
RD180 Remote
1855D Remote

Switches and Sensors

PS111 Zero Speed Switch and PS112 Adjustable Speed Sensor PS118 Self-Contained Adjustable Speed Sensor PS119 Anti Plugging Zero Speed Switch
PS127A Voltage Sensor (Zero Speed Switch) QS132, QS122, and QS134 Proximity-Switches  
DeviceNet Scanner
TSX Quantum DeviceNet Scanner Module    

Resolver Decoders

PAK•PLS M1151    

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