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M1950 I2 Modular System

M1950 Modular SystemA New Level of Integration, Compactness and Modularity

  • Modular, 6” x 4” x 10” compact control with 5 Slots for plug-in modules
  • Modules for most press control functions:
  • Includes Brake Monitor & Motion Detector
  • PLS, Up to 80 channels (16 per module)
  • Die Protection, Up to 40 sensor inputs (8 per module)
  • Load Monitoring, (Signature or Peak)
  • Shut Height Controller and Indicator
  • 2x20 char LCD for simple English prompts
  • 4 digit bright LED position, SPM, etc.
  • Hot Keys for quick access
  • Storage for up to 100 setups
  • Self Diagnostics and broken resolver cable detection

Many presses use separate controls for automation, die protection, load monitoring, and shut height control requiring a large control panel. With M1950, AVG introduces a modular compact control to replace a multitude of controls by a single control box, saving valuable panel space, and offering consistent user interface.

Principle of Operation

The M1950 is designed for modularity and flexibility.The unit has 5 slots for plug-in modules, allowing any module to go in any slot.The modules can be used in any combination, up to a total of 5 modules.

The microprocessor in the base unit takes care of the functions common to all modules.The intelligent modules have their own processors to perform their control functions, which allows multiprocessor architecture achieve fast response time from the control modules.

The base unit has a short circuit proof resolver input circuit which decodes resolver (coupled on drive train) signals and broadcasts press angle to all the slots.This allows the PLS, Die Protection, and Tonnage modules to share the same resolver.

User-friendly Interface

The front mount unit has a 2 line x 20 char LCD display for menu driven programming and for providing maximum information on one screen. A 4 digit of LEDs display is provided for displaying press slide position, SPM, and other commonly used parameters.The keypad provides hot keys to quickly access different modules.The keypad provides a full numeric keypad for direct entry of numerical information as well as 5 Simple Programming Keys common to several other autotech products.

5 Slots for Modularity & Flexibility

The M1950 has 5 slots for plug-in modules. AVG-Autotech offers several modules for press control & monitoring functions. Since all slots on M1950 are identical, any of the modules can be used in any slot and the modules can be used in any combination.

Variety of Modules

  • AVG-Autotech currently offers several modules for press control functions:
  • PLS Module for press automation - 16 channels
  • DIE PROTECTION Module - 8 inputs
  • SHUT HEIGHT CONTROL Module - Resolver based
  • SHUT HEIGHT CONTROL Module - Linear Rod based
  • LOAD MONITOR Module - Signature or Tonnage at angle Module- 4 sensor inputs
  • LOAD MONITOR Module - Peak Tonnage-4 sensor inputs
  • COMMUNICATION Module - Tonnage Display

PLS Module

Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) provides timing signals for press automation functions such as Lube, Part Eject, Feed Advance, etc.The M1950 PLS module offers 16 channels with advanced features, which are plenty for most press applications. For applications requiring more outputs, more than one module may be used.The module has the following features:

  • 16 logic level optically isolated outputs
  • Storage for up to 100 setups for quick job changeover
  • Multiple dwells for each channel
  • Each channel can be used as Angle ON - Angle OFF, or as Angle ON - Time OFF. An Angle On - Time Off channel turns ON outputs at an angle for preset time.
  • Fine tune in motion allows you to modify dwells without shutting down press
  • Outputs “N” type Sinking or “P” type Sourcing
  • Scale Factor: Programmable from 16 to 999 (Resolution 17 to 1000 counts; typ. press application - 360 counts)

Shut Height Indication/ Control Modules

The Shut Height indication/Control modules use either a dual-resolver or a linear rod as a Shut Height position sensor. The indication module decodes position, scales it and displays in engineering units.The control module, in addition to indication functions, also adjusts the Shut Height automatically. Shut Height modules from AVG-Autotech are very easy to calibrate and use.The calibration is as simple as moving the ram (or slide) to two different positions, and entering the corresponding Shut Heights in the unit. The Shut Height modules from AVG-Autotech have the following features:

  • Dual resolver or Linear rod based (factory ordered option)
  • Extremely easy to calibrate
  • Precise Shut Height indication
  • Automatic Shut Height adjustment ability (control modules)
  • Drift monitoring feature ensures that shut height is within user programmable drift setting
  • Programmable Upper & Lower Travel limits to keep ram movement within travel limits

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