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M2020 Complete Single Die M2020 Complete Single Die Set Control ProgramSet Control Program

Automatic Shut Height adjustment for Quick Machine Setup

  • Accurately sets Shut Height with a push of a button
  • Storage for up to 255 jobs
  • Resolver and Linear rod based systems available
  • Extremely easy to calibrate (no calculations required)
  • Output alarms for upper/lower limits, ram drift and ram interference
  • System, Broken Chain (No motion) and Broken Wire diagnosis
  • Programmable Upper & Lower Travel limits to keep ram movement within OEM travel limits

Principle of Operation

Autotech is proud to introduce the DieSet, series M2020. The DieSet is a fully automatic state-of-the-art Shut Height
controller that makes the task of die change-over quicker and easier. Set-up parameters for up to 255 dies can be
programmed in the M2020. At die changeover, simply select the die number, press the start button and the DieSet will automatically position the die to the preprogrammed shut height. Typically, the 2020 pays for itself within the first few months of operation. M2020 supports single action press, while M2022 model is used for dual action presses.

The M2020 reads die position from a position transducer (a Resolver or Linear Rod) and automatically activates the
proper outputs to adjust the shut height to the proper preprogrammed position. Additional outputs are activated if travel limits or other certain faults occur.

Digital Shut Height Indication and Control

The DieSet features a 6-digit readout and displays the Shut-Height to 0.001” accuracy. The bright digital readout is extremely helpful in trouble shooting and fine tuning the press operation to produce high quality metal stampings. You know with complete certainty that the shut height has been adjusted to the highest accuracy.

Automatic Drift Monitoring

Sometimes the Shut Height drifts once the production has begun. M2020 DieSet constantly monitors the actual Shut
Height to the programmed Shut Height on every stroke of the press. In case the Shut Height has drifted beyond a programmed tolerance in either direction, a fault signal is produced to generate an alarm.

Die I. D. Box for Automatic Die Selection

Die I.D. box helps eliminate possible human error of selecting a wrong die during die change.The consequences of adjusting a die to wrong Shut Height can be catastrophic.With the Die I.D. box, the die identifies itself to the M2020, and M2020 automatically selects the right setup information. A die I.D. box, an 8 bit wired (code) plug, is required for each die.

Travel Limits

Electronic Back-up to OEM Travel Limits.

Single or Dual Action

The M2020 is used for single action Shut Height adjustment, but most lead presses require a dual die set. For double action presses, the M2022 with two resolver inputs incorporates all the features of the M2020 in addition to controlling the Shut Height adjustment for both the inner and outer dies. In addition, the M2022 has a programmable interference limit to maintain a
minimum distance between the inner and the outer die Shut Heights.


M2020 DieSet has two levels of security, that is two separate connections have to be made to allow changing the shut heights that have already been programmed, thus preventing unauthorized tampering that could cause serious damage to the dies and/or cause poor quality parts being produced by the press.

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