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M1450 Linear Shut-Height Monitor Specifications

Linear ShutHeight Monitor without Limit output module and Linear Transducer

• ShutHeight Indicator 12” to 108” span
• 0.001” resolution
• 6-digit Bright RED LED Display
• Prescalable Read-out
• Programmable Drift/Over travel Monitor
• 8 Programmable Limit outputs for Under & Over travel, optional

Input Power: 105-135VAC, 50/60Hz, 35W exclusive of load (220V AC
or 240V AC option)
Operating Temperature: -10° F to 130° F (-23° C to 55° C)
Offset/Preset: Programmable “0” to full scale
Number of Programmable Channels: 8
Position input Linear Transducer, Program Enable

8 PLS outputs
Cam modules: 8 outputs each. NPN sink transistor
Outputs: Electrical Characteristics:
NPN Sink Transistor Output:
Energized: Transistor ON; 1.1V drop@100mA
De-energized: Transistor OFF; 01mA leakage ©50VDC

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