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M1030-E Series Tonnage Monitor Specifications

  • Learn Mode to automatically compute reference Tonnage
  • Built-in sensor integrity check
  • Programmable Trend Limits
  • Programmable Over & Under limits for Die, Process & Press Protection
  • Protection from Reverse/Snap thru Tonnage
  • 2 Counters, 10 Programs

Power Input: 105-135VAC, 50/60Hz. 2SW
Operating Temperature: -10° F to 130° F
Tonnage Sensors: Autotech’s SAC-MI030-SEN strain gauge sensor providing 4-20 mA signal for tonnage (Existing strain gauges may be used with Autotech’s SAC-MI 030-SENA amplifier)
Number of Sensors: 2
Strain gauge element: 1 m/V @400 micro-inch/inch
Sensor Mounting: Weld pad mount or drill mount
Number of Counters: 2, Total # of Hits, % of Good

Control Inputs:
    Electrical characteristics:
        TRUE: Contact Closure to VO (term # 15 on TB5)
        or 11-28VDC input
        FALSE: Open or <0.8VDC input
    Program Enable: Input must be TRUE to change any
    value Supervisory 1 & Supervisory 2: Supervisor inputs
    for access control
    Fault Reset: When TRUE, resets all faults
    Position reference Input: A FALSE to TRUE transition
    signifies end of a press cycle

Programmable Limits:
    6 limits for each installed sensor.
    The limit comparisons can be selectively disabled,
    except for Positive Tonnage Press Limit.

    Positive Tonnage Press Limit: Programmed in Tons
    for Press Overload Protection,
    cannot be disabled.
    Negative Tonnage Press Limit: For Snap through or     Reverse tonnage protection can be disabled.
    Die Protect Band: Defined by Die Protect High & Low
    Limits: Both limits programmed as deviation from
    Reference Tons. Either in Tons or in percent
    of reference ton value
    (choice is programmable); comparison can be disabled.
    Number of Reference Storage: 10
    Process Trend Band: Defined by Process High and Low
    Limits. Both Limits programmed as deviation from
    Process Base Tons. Either in Tons or in percent of
    the Base tons. Comparison can be Disabled
    (Process Base Tonnage is the running average
    of tonnage measured over last several cycles;
    number of cycles for averaging is programmable).

    4 Field replaceable Electromechanical relay outputs;
    All outputs fail safe (The NO Relay contact closed
    under safe conditions, and open under fault conditions)
    Relays Specifications: 120 VAC © 10 Amp
    Resistive, SPST

Output Relay Output Relay De-energizes if...
Positive Tonnage
Press Limit
Measured Tonnage Exceeds Positive
Tonnage Press Limit
Negative Tonnage
Press Limit
Measured Tonnage Exceeds Negative
tonnage Press limit
Over Die/Process
Measured Tonnage is Greater than Die
and/or Process High Limit
Under Die/Process
Measured Tonnage is Less than Die
and/or Process Low Limit

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