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M1200 ProActive Die Protection System

Standard Unit with 12 Sensor inputs, 6 PLS outputs (expandable up to 14 PLS outputs), 4 Counters with Electromechanical Relays

  • Broken Resolver Coupling/Chain detection
  • Resolver Slippage & Broken cable detection
  • Built-in Diagnostics
  • Pre-built Library of Sensor Names
  • Hot keys for Easy Setup
  • Slug Detect Delay
  • Choice of Emergency-Stop or Top-Stop
  • Programmable Engagement Angle to prevent press sticking at bottom
  • 2x20 Bright Vaccum Fluorescent Display

Input Power:
    105 to 135 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30 W Operating
    -10°F to 122°F (-23°C to 50°C)
    7.6” W x 8.7” H x 5-1/4” D

Position Transducer:
    Resolver, Autotech’s Series E7R and RL100
Cable Length between Resolver and M1200:
    2500 feet max, toil shielded,
Resolver Cable:
    Autotech’s CBL-10T22-Mxxx

Scale Factor:
    Fixed at 360
    Programmable from 0 to 359; common to all
    Die Protection and PLS programs
Die/Tool Identification:
    One 8-character name per program.
    Search by name.
Number of Programs or Setups:
    60 programs

Number of Sensors:
    4, Expandable to 12
Event Detection:
    Programmable rising edge, falling edge,
    pulse, pos hi or pos low detection within
    programmed window.
Die Protection Fault Output:
    Programmable for each sensor:
E-STOP: Stops the press immediately (See
Engagement Angle).
    Stops the press at top.
    Sensors can selectively be disabled.
Sensor Name:
    One 8-character name per sensor. Ability to
    select names from a library or enter a
    customized name.
Slug Detect Delay:
    Programmable number of stroke delays
    between the detection of a slug fault and
    the deactivation of the E-Stop or T-Stop
E-Stop Engagement Angle:
    Programmable angle from 90° to 190°.
    E-Stop does not occur between Engagement
    Angle and 190°.
Top-Stop Angle:
    Programmable angle at which the Top Stop
    output is activated, when required.

Batch Counter:
    Six digit presettable down counter. Counts
    down to zero. Top Stop output de-energizes
    at programmable T-Stop Angle, Resettable
    from keypad or input.
Quality Counter:
    Six digit presettable down counter. Counter
    output de-energizes at programmable
    T-Stop Angle when Quality Counter = 0

Total Counter:
    Six digit resettable up counter. Resets at
    power up or from keypad or input.
Tool Counter:
    Six digit tool specific up counter. Resets
    from keypad.

Electrical Specifications (all inputs)
Optical isolation:
    1500 V
Logic Levels (except 120V Brake Input):
    TRUE: <1.0 VDC @ 7ma (or terminal
    tied to Sig Ref. (J9-1)
    FALSE: 20 to 24 VDC (or open circuit)
Fault Reset:
    TRUE: Resets all faults including Die
    Protection, Brake Wear, and Motion
Program and Supervisor Enable:
    TRUE: Allows programming of parameters.
    FALSE: Parameters can only be viewed.
Output Enable:
    TRUE: allows all outputs to function
    FALSE: De-energizes all outputs
Batch, Quality, and Total Reset:
    Three separate inputs, one for each
    TRUE: Resets the desired counter to
    its preset value
    FALSE: No action


Fault Output:
    Detects resolver broken wire and M1200
    internal faults. Without Fault: Relay
    remains energized.
With Fault:
Relay de-energized.
Motion Output:
    Relay energized when resolver RPM is
    between programmed high and low motion
E-STOP Output:
    Relay de-energized when Die Protection
    Fault is detected. When no fault detected,
    relay stays energized.
T-STOP Output:
    Relay de-energized when Die Protection
    Fault is detected. When no fault detected,
    relay stays energized.
Counter Out:
    Relay de-energized when Quality Counter
    equals zero. Relay energized when counter
    is non-zero.

    A. Electromechanical SPST Relay:
    10 Amp resistive continuous @120VAC
    Number of PLS Outputs:
    4, Expandable to 14
PLS Setpoints:
    17 per program
Speed Compensation:
    (Available for Channels 1-6 only):
    Programmable up to 359 degrees per 100
    rpm. Each PLS channel has its own speed

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