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Highest Processing Power Per Cubic Inch

World's Smallest PLS

We have always packed the highest processing power per cubic inch. It is AVG’s innovation that led to this extremely cost effective design. Whether it is silicon, ceramic, plastic or FR4, the cost is generally per square inch or cubic inch. By reducing the size, we not only gain the advantage of offering a space-saving product to our customers, butit costs us less, resulting in lower costs to you.

World's Smallest Industrial I/O

UT I/O is a world class PLC I/O. All digital I/O modules are optically isolated to keep electrical noise away from the CPU. All 24V DC Output modules @ 0.5 Amp short circuit proof. All I/O Modules are easily plug-in modules. All I/O modules have a removable terminal block for field wiring which allows quick replacement of defective I/O modules without having to remove and reconnect field wires. All I/O modules have a wiring duct for routing the field wires. All I/O modules have I/O status indicators for troubleshooting. All these features are packed in a compact 2x2x1" package.

World's Smallest Modular 32 I/O PLC

This is the smallest modular PLC ever built. It is 5.75x4.9x3.3 inches in size and incorporates the following features:

  • 32 I/O modular PLC (4 I/O slots)
  • 40MHz coldfire 32 Bit RISC processor in a highly condensed BGA package
  • 3ms scantime for 1K Instruction including all overheads
  • Flash based operating system
  • Real Time Clock with battery back-up
  • 64K Memory
  • Supports 32 bit floating point and double word mathematical operations
  • 40 microsecond response time to receive an external interrupt, solve a rung and turn ON an output
  • High speed and Multi tasking capability
  • 8 autotune PID loops • Interface to 100KHz encoders
  • 2 built-in serial ports (RS232-supports EZ protocol, RS485/RS422-supports
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII)
  • Ethernet Port which supports Modbus TCP/IP
  • DeviceNet slave card • Profibus Slave card • 8192 memory registers • 24VDC or 120VAC power
  • Six LED indicators
  • Run/Edit selector switches
  • Completely enclosed with a latch on plastic cover

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