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RD180 Remote DisplayRD180 Remote Display

The RD180 Remote Display is a slave unit to any Autotech device utilizing a single turn resolver. It provides position and RPM information on the front panel of the display.

As shown in the diagram below, the resolver inputs of the RD180 are parallel to the master unit. The resolver cable may not be more than 2500 feet in length. The Master and Remote Units are programmed to have identical Scale Factor and Offset values.

The zero offset entered from the front panel keypad is continuously added to the resolver’s digital value. The off-set data is scaled, converted to the digital format as selected from the keypad and displayed on the front panel of the unit.

Programmable Full Scale Offset for Easy Setup

The resolver can be mounted on the machine without any concern for mechanically aligning the resolver zero to the machine zero. Once resolver is coupled to the machine shaft, the only thing you have to do is to bring the machine to a known position, say home position, and set an offset number from the front panel keypad until the display reads zero positon. This is especially useful during the initial start up in that it reduces the set up time. The offset can also be used to compensate for any machine wear. Offset is programmable between 0 and Scale factor.

It is important to note that the Scale Factor must be identical to the master unit’s scale factor for which the display is being used.

Programmable Resolution: 19-999 Counts per Turn

The scale factor can be programmed from the front panel and can be any number between 19 and 999 resulting in resojlution of 20 to 1000 counts per turn. This feature allows you to scale the position to desired engineering units (inches, mm etc.) if required.

Self Diagnostics

The RD 180 Remote Display is provided with an internal self check circuit that continuously monitors the 120 VAC input power, resolver cable and if the microprocessor is not in reset. In case a fault occurs in any one of the above critical functions, the unit goes into fault mode and displays “Cable” on the display.

Highly Noise Immune Circuitry

Ratiometric tracking converter technique employed for resolver to digital decoding provides the best protection against electrical noise generated by power line transients and varying ground potentials. This decoding method is inherently immune to temperature changes and line frequency variations. The optical isolation ads an additional layer of protection against electrical noise and enhances the environmental integrity of the system.

Program Security

A Program Enable input is needed to make any changes to the program to protect against unauthorized tampering.

The RD180 Remote Display accepts an input from a single turn resolver (such as Autotech’s RL100, E6R, E7R and E8R series of resolvers, etc.) and decodes it to give a scaled digital position signal, giving a resolution of 1000 counts per turn. The decoded resolver position information is displayed on the front panel of the unit.

The scale factor (desired counts per turn minus one) is programmable from 19 to 999 to match the display and position. A static offset value may be programmed in the unit to electronically align resolver zero with machine zero.

RD180 Remote DisplayMounting Dimensions

The figures to the right give mounting dimensions of the RD180 Remote Display. The unit is housed in a 1/8 DIN panel mount case and requires a rectangular panel cutout only (no mounting screw holes are required). Slide the unit in through the panel opening with gasket, insert the two right-angle mounting brackets into the openings on either side of the RD180 Remote Display housing and slide the brackets ¼” toward the back of the unit to secure the brackets to the housing. Tighten the pair of screws on the right-angle brackets to hold the unit into the panel. IMPORTANT: DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN (80 inch-oz. torque max)!

RD180 Remote DiagramRear View and Wiring Diagram

Notes on grounding and shielding (Failure to observe any of these requirements may cause unpredictable operation and will void warranty):

  • All logic level wiring (including resolver and external power supply) must be done using overall fil shielded cables, with shields and equipment grounded as per above drawing. See How to Order section for suitable cables offered by Autotech.
  • Resolver shielded cable must consist of twisted apirs, and the twisted pairs must be wired as per wiring instructions. See How to Order section for a suitable resolver cable offered by Autotech.
  • All ground planes on which the RD180 Remote Display and all external equipment are mounted must be held to the same RF potential, by good metallic connections to building grames, conduit or wiring trays.
  • All shielded cable must be kept at a minimum distance of 2 inches from all high voltage or inductive wiring.
  • All shielded cable must be kept at a minimum distance of 12 inches from all motor wiring controlled by AC or DC drives.

CBL-10T22-xxxx Cable
Wire Color Resolver Terminal  
Terminal Pair
Terminal Pair
Terminal Pair
To change the resolver ascending count direction, reverse S1 and S3 connections.


Programming the RD180 Remote Display requires entering the following values/options for the unit:

  • Scale Factor: desired counts per revolution minus one (Values between 19 and 999 are programmable)
  • Offset: constant to be added to the true resolver position, used to align machine zero with resolver zero. (Values between 0 and scale factor are acceptable).

The five keys on the front panel are used in the following manner:

Mode Used to choose either Scale Factor (S) or Offset programming (F)
Inc The INC/DEC keys are used to increase/decrease numerical entries, such as scale factor offset, etc.
Note: The program enable input must be True
to allow programming of the unit.
Not Used Not used
Position RPM Used to toggle the default display between Position (P) and RPM (r) displays. Pressing this key any time returns display to Pos/RPM


Default Display:

The RD180 Remote Display normally displays the position (true resolver position + offset), or RPM of the resolver. The display may be toggled between these two by pressing the Pos/RPM key. The Pos/RPM key may be pressed to bring up the default display at any time.

The position display is as follows:

LED Display

The RPM display is as follows (the INC, DEC keys are ignored in this mode)::

LED Display

Scale Factor Programming:

Press Mode to display LED Display


Use Inc or Dec to increase or decrease the displayed number until desired scale factor is displayed


Offset Programming:

Press Mode to display LED Display


Use Inc or Dec to increase or decrease the displayed number until desired scale factor is displayed

Please note:

  • Scale factor = desired counts per turn – 1
  • Scale factor programming is inhibited when resolver is moving

Offset Programming:

Please note:

  • Default position display = true resolver position + offset. Thus offset may be used to electronically align resolver to machine zero. The offset should be less than the scale factor.

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