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TouchPLS Touchscreen Specifications

TouchPLS 6” Color TFT 8” Color TFT 10” Color TFT 15” Color TFT
Display 5.7” 65K Colors 8.2” 65K Colors 10.4” 65K Colors 15.0” 16.2MM Colors
Screen Pixels 320 x 240 640 x 480 800 x 600 1024 x 768

Operating Temp

-20° to 60° C

Ext. Dimensions 9.69 x 7.05 x 3.21 10.29 x 8.50 x 3.13 12.5 x 9.48 x 3.13 16.38 x 12.99 x 3.68
Panel Cutout 8.67 x 6.08 10.20 x 7.91 12.00 x 8.81 15.38 x 12.01
Display Brightness 400 nits
Touch Screen Analog Resistive Touch Screen (5-Wire)
Weight Aluminum: 3.8 lbs. Stainless Steel: 3.8 lbs. Aluminum: 3.8 lbs. Stainless Steel: 14.8 lbs. Aluminum: 4.8 lbs. Stainless Steel: 16.8 lbs. Aluminum: 8.9 lbs. Stainless Steel: 11.9 lbs.
Power Input 20-30VDC 16 Watts @ 24VDC 20-30VDC 18 Watts @ 24VDC 20-30VDC 18 Watts @ 24VDC 20-30VDC 20 Watts @ 24VDC
User Memory 512Kb System RAM 32 MB DDR 1 GB DDR2 RAM
RAM Modules 512Kb RAM Module, 1 MB RAM Module No expansion necessary
Flash Modules 512Kb Flash Module, 1Mb Flash Module, 2Mb Flash Module MicroSD Card expansion
Applications Single-Turn Rotary
Resolver Interface Autotech “E Series” Resolvers, 1/8” – 5/8” Shaft, Size 11 – Size 40. Up to 100 lbs Shaft Loading NEMA 1 – NEMA 4X, Class1 1, Div 1; 2,500 ft. max. cable length, shielded, twisted-pair
Resolver Decoder Ratiometric, tracks resolver shaft angle up to 1,800 RPM.
Number of PLS Outputs 32 Total (16 Hard CAMs, 8 with Timer, 16 Soft CAMs to PLC)
Expansion Capability 256 with 7 Slave Units
Number of Programs More than 500. Limited Only by User Memory
Multiple Setpoints / Channel Yes. Up to 256 per PLS Program
Scan Time 28 Microseconds Total for all 256 Setpoints including Speed Compensation and All Other Overhead

Resolution Counts / Turn

1 - 4096
Programming Graphical Touch Panel Interface, and/or through Ethernet / PLC Port
Communications Serial RS232/422/485, or Ethernet for Programming. All PLC Protocols for Control Integration such as DH485, Modbus, TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, Siemens ISO TCP/IP SNP, FX, and numerous others
Optical Isolation Yes. Both input and output
Types of Outputs N-Channel Sinking I/O Output Logic Levels:
Logic TRUE: MOSFET ON, 0.2 V Max. @ 100 mA
Logic FALSE: MOSFET OFF, 0.05 mA leakage @ 30 V
Max. Current per Output: 600 mA
Max. Current per Card: 2 A; Output Isolation: 1,500 V
Input Logic Levels: Logic FALSE: 6-30 VDC; Logic TRUE: 0-1.5 VDC
Input Isolation: 1,500 V
P-Channel Sourcing I/O Output Logic Levels:
Logic TRUE: MOSFET ON, 0.5 V Drop @ 100 mA
Logic FALSE: MOSFET OFF, 0.05 mA leakage @ 30 V
Max. Current per Output: 600 MA
Max. Current per Card: 2 A; Output Isolation: 1,500V
Input Logic Levels: Logic TRUE: 6-30 VDC; Logic FALSE: 0-1.5VDC
Input Isolation: 1,500 V

Fine Tuning in Motion


Operator Interface for PLC and PLS PLS and PLC Operator Interface can be Programmed if Ordered with this option

Angle ON / Angle OFF

Angle ON / Time OFF
Can be programmed to have outputs turned “On” at an angle and turned “Off” after a programmed time.
For example, channel 12 can be turned “On” at an angle of 100° and stay “On” for a period of 2.45 sec.
Productivity Monitor Optional
Speed Compensation Leading and Trailing edge, programmable in scale factor units per 100 RPM, up to full­scale factor value. Each PLS output (channel) has its own speed compensation
Scale Factor Programmable from 16 to 999, common to all PLS setup
Position Off-set Programmable to full scale factor value
Dynamic Zeroing / ModZ 3 ModZ Inputs, Edge Triggered
Brake Monitor Optional. Check for Availability
Motion Detector Yes. Speed Detection Programmable from 0 – 2800 RPM
Short-Circuit-Proof Resolver Connection Yes
Broken Resolver Wire Detector Yes
Agency Approval UL, cUL, CE

Speed Switch

The TouchPLS can be programmed to have their outputs turned "On" based on the RPM of the machine.
Like-wise the setpoint / output can be turned "Off" based on RPM.
Environmental Shock: 20G for under 12 msec. Vibration: 5-55Hz 3G for 2 Hours. Humidity: 10-95% RH Non Condensing. Electrical Noise: NEMA ICS 2-230. Showering Arc, Ansi C37, 90a-1974 SWC, Level C Chattering Relay Test
Enclosure NEMA 4/x, Class I, Div II with FDA Compliance (Aluminum or Stainless Steel)

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