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M1450 and M1451 MINI·PLS Specifications

Input Power:
    105–135 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 35 W exclusive of load
    (220 VAC or 240 VAC option)

Operating Temperature:
    –10 to +130° F (–23 to +55° C)

Resolution and Scale Factor (See Table 1)
     Resolution and scale factor are defined as follows:
     The Resolution is defined to be equal to the counts
    per turn of the resolver. The Scale Factor is defined
    as the desired resolution (counts/rev) minus one.

    Programmable “0” to full revolution;

Rate Offset: (See Table 1)
    Programmable, “0” to full revolution (CAUTION: entering
    too much rate offset may result in more than one
    revolution offset for higher speeds.) Rate offset resolution: Programmable in tenths of scale factor units per ten RPM.

Motion Detector Limits:
Low setpoint: up to 1899 RPM (max.)
High Setpoint: up to 1900 RPM (max.)

Number of Programmable Channels:
40 (5 output modules with 8 channels each)

Slave Systems:
Up to 7 M1450s may be slaved to one master unit, giving additional
7 x 40 channels (total 320) using the same position transducer
(The slave shares the position transducer with the

Decimal Point on Display
In Model M1450-400, a decimal point may be placed arbitrarily
after any digit. This decimal point is just for the convenience of
display, and does not affect the data. Decimal point is not available in M1450-300 and M1450-MROF.


Program Enable:
Contact closure to customer power supply common (–Vs); or a
solid-state switch 0.8 V @ 10 mA

ModZ Input:
Contact closure to customer power supply +VS; or 10 to 28 V
logic input, Logic false: 4 VDC@1mAandLogic true: 10VDC@
10 mA to 28 VDC @ 30 mA
Number of Mod Z channels: (See Table 1)

Motion Detector Output:
NPN sinking, 30 VDC max. @ 100 mA

Remote Power Relay Outputs:
    For Cam and Motion outputs requiring higher current
    ratings, a separate Remote Power Relay chassis
    Autotech’s part number, ASY-RLYCH-xxxx, can be used.
    The relay chassis is connected to an N type of cam
    module using a prewired cable.
    Relay Chassis Input Power: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz.
    Number of Outputs: 8 or 16 cam outputs plus one motion     output.
    Cam Module required: N or NI type
    Cable: Prewired with DB15 connector on both ends.

    Relays: Chassis is available for EM or Solid-state relays.
        Electromagnetic relays (Part# KSD-A12DC-10A):
            120 VAC @ 10 Amp, SPST
        Solid-State AC Relay (KSS-120AC-3AMP):
            24–280VAC @ 0.2–3 Amp, zero cross-over
            switching triac output relay,optically isolated

    Solid-State DC Relays
            9–60 VDC @ 3 Amp, optically isolated
            0–200VDC @ 1 Amp, optically isolated

Special Output Modules

Digital Position/Tach Output Modules:
    Digital Output Format:
    Digital Output Interface:
        TTL, PNP source transistor or NPN sink transistor,
        characteristics same as those of logic level cam
        output modules. (See Table 2)
    Module Update Rate:
        Background task, RPM dependent (consult factory).
    PC Synch Circuit and Data Transfer Command:
        0 to 24 Volt logic input (edge triggered i.e. data transfer
        on both rising and falling edges)
        Logic Low: 0 to 0.8 V @ 3.2 mA
        Logic High: >2.4 V @ 0.4 mA
        Timings: Data latches between 30 μs – 100 μs after data
        transfer edge
        Tach Full Scale Range: 0–1000 RPM

Analog Position/Tach Output Module:
    Output: 4–20 mA (sourcing or sinking) or 0–10 VDC
    Position or Tach: DIP switch selectable
    Position/RPM range for max Output: DIP switch selectable

Serial Communication Modules:
    (available for M1450-300 only) RS232C, and RS422

Cam Output Modules
Output Type Logic Level Power
TTL* PNP Source

NPN Sink

Part Number ASY-M1250-08TI
ASYM1450-08AC ASY-M1450-08DC

Number of
Outputs per

8 8 8 8 8
Logic TRUE 2 VDC @ 15mA
2.4 V @ 3 mA
(20μA leakage
when Tristated)

Transistor ON
1.7 V drop
@ 100mA

Transistor ON
0.1 mA
@ 50 VDC
1 A max. per channel
Max. 4A per module
1 A max. per channel
Max. 4 A per module
Logic FALSE 0.35 VDC @ 24 mA
(0.4 mA max.
leakage when
Transistor OFF
0.2 mA
@ 50 VDC
Transistor OFF
0.1 mA
@ 50 VDC
30 mA
max. per output
0.1 mA
max. per output
Rated Voltage 5 VDC 50 VDC 50 VDC 105-135 VAC, 60 Hz 10-28 VDC
Response Time < 1μ 12 μs 12μs Turn ON 12 ms
Turn OFF 25 ms
Turn ON 30-50 ms
Turn OFF 15-40 ms
Electrical Isolation 2500 V between control circuit and ouput circuit
*Note: MUX or Tristating Input = Low active TTL level (i.e., Logic TRUE: 0-0.8 V; Logic FALSE: 2-5 VDC)

Position Transducers
PLS Model Transducers Cable

Single-Turn resolver
such as AVG Automation's
RL100, E7R, E8R, RL101
or equivalent.
Max. tracking speed: 1800 rpm

Overall foil shielded cable
such as AVG Automation's
CBL-10T22-xxxx or
Max.: 2500 ft.
Multi-turn resolver such as
AVG Automation's RL210
or equivalent.
Max. tracking speed: 1800 rpm

Overall foil shielded cable
such as AVG Automation's
Max.: 2500 ft.

M1450-LTO Ultrasonic linear transducer
such as AVG Automation's
LT140 or equivalent.
Update rate:
3ms for up to 100
Overal foil shielded cable
such as AVG Automation's
Max.: 1000 ft.

Specifcations Table
Model # Resolution
per turn
Scan Time (microseconds) Number of Dual
Setpoints per
Channel (ON/OFF)
Number of ModZ Channels Channels Affected by Rate Offset
Number of Cam Modules
1 2 3 4 5
M1450-300 17-1000 160 200 240 280 301 Resolution + 2 Slots 1-4; 32 Channels in Groups of 8 Slots 1-5; 40 Channels in Groups of 8
M1450-400 10-4096 1300 1700 2100 2400 2700 21 Slots 1-4; 32 Channels in Groups of 8 Slots 1-5; 40 Channels in Groups of 8
M1450-MROF 17-1000 200 300 430 460 490 Resolution _ 2 None Slots 1-2; 16 Channels Individually

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