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M1500 Pc•PLS

1. M1500 Pc•PLS
SAC-M1500-R10 M1500 Pc•PLS with POI (Programmable Operator Interface). Without relays for PLS.
(Electro-mechanical relays for PLC included)
SAC-M1500-S10 Same as above except with AC/DC solid-state relays for PLC. Select up to 8 relays
(AC/DC solid-state) for PLCs and select 8 relays for PLS from section below.
Slave Unit: S: For M1500, change the “A” in SAC (in above part #) to “S”
2. Power Output Relays for PLS Outputs
KSD-A12DC-10A Electromechanical relay SPST, Form A, 120 VAC @ 10 A .
KSS-120AC-3AMP AC Solid-State Relay, 120 VAC @ 3 A .
KSS-60VDC-3AMP DC Solid-State Relay, 10-60 VDC @ 3 A
KSS-200DC-1AMP DC Solid-State Relay, 200 VDC @ 1 A
3. Position Transducers
The M1500 requires a single-turn resolver as an input device, such as AVG Automation's RL100, RL101, E7R, or E8R series
resolvers. Please see “How to order” information on position transducers and appropriate accessories, such as interconnect cables, mounting brackets, couplings, etc.
4. Serial Communication (Software, Cables and Communication Adaptor, IBM Compatible
4.1 Serial Communication Software:
SAC-M1500-SOFT Programming software for M1500, runs on IBM-compatible PC. Includes relay ladder
logic software for PLC and software for PLS.
SAC-M1050-SR1.0 Windows based software for M1500 PLS programming
Serial Communication Adaptor:
SAC-RS232-485T Adaptor for RS-232C to RS-485A required if an IBM-compatible PC is used
Serial Communication Cables:
CBL-232MF-9Pxxx Cable, 9-pin fully wired, shielded. Serial Cable for connecting PC to RS-232C port of RS-232C-to-RS-485A adaptor (SAC-RS232-485T), where xxx = length in ft., 010, 020, 050, and 50 ft. increments, e.g., 100, 150, 200 ft., etc.
CBL-M1500-PRG Cable, Male RJ 11 phone 6-wire to DB9 male connector with shielded cable for connecting RS-485A port of RS-232C to RS-485A adaptor (SAC-RS232-485T) to M1500 (4 feet in length)

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