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Network DigiSolvers

Part Number Grid

Network DigiSolver: Single-Turn, with NEMA 13 housing, standard output format, digital output

1. Housing Type
    5: NEMA 13, size 40 –4” (101.6 mm) dia., Heavy-Duty
    7: NEMA 13, size 25 –2.5” (38.1 mm) dia., medium-duty     bearings
    8: NEMA 4X, size 40 –4” (101.6 mm) dia., ATEX Certified
    Explosion-proof, FM approved Div. 1, Class 1, Groups
    B, C, & D
2. Short-Circuit Protection
    N: NONE
    S: Short-circuit-proof outputs and CW/CCW Switch
    (For P-Type outputs only, Vmax 8-50 VDC)
3. Output Format
    G: Standard Gray Code
    B:*  Natural Binary
    D:*  BCD
    A: Analog
        *With these options, we suggest use of option P in
        selection X7 below to ensure stable data to PLC.
4. Number of Words or Counts-Per-Turn - Custom
counts available, consult factory

    Gray Code: (2048, 4096, and 8192 are not available
    with E8N)
        0256: 256 Counts
        0360: 360 Counts
        0512: 512 Counts
        1024: 1024 Counts
        2048: 2048 Counts
        4096: 4096 Counts
        8192: 8192 Counts
    Natural Binary: (4096 and 8192 are not available with E8N)
        1024: 1024 Counts
        4096: 4096 Counts
        8192: 8192 Counts
    BCD: (1000 and 3600 are not available with E8N)
        0360: 360 Counts
        1000: 1000 Counts
        3600: 3600 Counts
        010V:  0 to 10 VDC
        P20M: 4-20 mA current sourcing
        N20M: 4-20 mA current sinking
5. Input Power Supply
    5: 5 VDC
    8: 8-30 VDC (select this option with Analog output format)
    6. Digital Output
    0: No Digital Output (only with Analog output)
    T: TTL with multiplexing
    P:  PNP Source Transistor
    N:  NPN Sink Transistor (Low Logic TRUE)
    C:  NPN Sink Transistor (High Logic TRUE)
    M: CMOS Transistor
    7. Options (For other options, consult factory)
    0:  NONE
    P:  With PC-sync. Circuit
    V:  Analog Velocity, 0-10VDC*
    A:  Analog Velocity, 4-20 mA, sink**
    L:  P and V options together
        *Not available with 8192 count
        **Available only with E5 Housing

8. Mounting Style For Single-turn DigiSolver or Gear Ratio for Geared Single-turn DigiSolver
Mounting Style:
    F: Flange Mount (E7 only)
    S: Servo Mount (E7 only)
    M: Face Mount (E5 and E8 only)
Gear Ratio:
(Available for E5 and E8 only. Geared DigiSolver available  with Face Mount only. Note: Consult factory for special gear ratios not listed)
    A: 2:1 Ratio
    B: 3:1 Ratio
    C: 4:1 Ratio
    Y: 5:1 Ratio
    D: 8:1 Ratio
    Z: 10:1 Ratio
    E: 12:1 Ratio
    R: 16:1 Ratio
    G: 20:1 Ratio
    H: 24:1 Ratio
    I: 32:1 Ratio
    J: 36:1 Ratio
    W: 38:1 Ratio
    K: 0:1 Ratio
    L: 8:1 Ratio
    T: 60:1 Ratio
    N: 64:1 Ratio
    P: 80:1 Ratio
    Q: 100:1 Ratio
9. Connector Position
    For E5:
        E: End Mount (female MS Connector Only)
        C: Conduit Side Mount, terminal block, no MS connector
        (Only with 360 counts BCD, up to 1024 counts Gray Code
        or Binary, and analog outputs: not available with geared
        E5 DigiSolver.)
    For E7:
        E: End Mount (female MS Connector Only)
        S: Side Mount (female MS Connector Only)
    For E8:
        C: Conduit Side Mount (Only with 360 count BCD,
        up to 1024 counts Gray Code or Binary, and analog
        outputs), terminal block no MS connector
MMB-EN359-010 Mounting Bracket for E5, E7, & E8 DigiSolvers
CPL-003/8-3/8 3/8” to 3/8” Flexible coupling (1” dia. X 1.25” length)
CPL-005/8-5/8 5/8” to 5/8” Flexible coupling (1.25” dia. X 1.5” length)
ECM-19REC-ITT Mating MS Connector, 19 pin (for single-turn units)
SAC-P5VDC-010 Regulated DC Power Supply, 5VDC @ 3 Amp
SAC-P12DC-010 Regulated DC Power Supply, 12VDC @ 1 Amp

Regulated DC Power Supply, 24VDC @ 1 Amp


Remote angle readout, 0 to 359
SAC-RD999-010 Remote readout/tachometer/latch, 0 to 999 (CMOS compatible)
SAC-RD999-MUX Same as above (TTL/CMOS compatible with mux output)
2.1 Cables:
In Cable part numbers, xxx = length in feet. Replace xxx by one of the standard lengths: 010, 020, 050 and increments of 50 feet (e.g., 100, 150, 200 ft., etc.
CBL-18S22-Cxxx Cable, 18 Conductors, 16 x 22 guage and 2 x 12 guage with overall foil shield
CBL-18S22-Mxxx Above cable with 19 pin MS connector at one end
3. Replacement for Obsolete Parts
Replacement for EN359 Series Encoders:
E5N-D0360-5M0Mx 360 Count, BCD, CMOS type outputs
1. Connector Position
E: End Mount (female MS connector only)
C: Conduit Side Mount (terminal block connector)
Replacement for EN370 Series Encoders:
E5N-D1000-5M0Mx 1000 Count, BCD, CMOS type output
1. Connector Position
E: End Mount (female MS connector only)
C: Conduit Side Mount (terminal block connector)
When ordering “E” option for connector position part #’s only, use following cable:
CBL-18S22-Mxxx Cable 18 conductors, 16 x 22 gauge and 2 x 12 gauge with overall foil shield and MS connector on the end

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