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Autotech Encoder Application Notes

For more than quarter of a century now, Autotech has supplied encoders for rugged applications, in metal stamping, can manufacturing, steel, tyre, plating lines, drag lines, earth moving machinery, farm machinery, conveyors, oil drilling, packaging, dam/gate control, assembly, medical, dairy, food processing, semiconductor manufacturing, cranes, military, tank-turrets, textile, converting, printing, palletising, warehouse control and numerous other industries.

25+ Years of Experience in supplying encoders to a wide variety of industries.

With the introduction of a totally new and innovative concept of the Smart-encoder product line, Autotech intends to become your single source for every application and all budgets.

With Smart-Encoder™ You will Never Look at Encoders the same way Again !

Autotech has always prided itself in listening to its customers while spending serious time in the trenches in the plants where its products get used. And one of the most common requests we have seen from the plants, is to have a programmable encoder that can be easily configured without a computer and software, so that the plant’s stock room is not having to contend with tens of part
numbers for different encoders, and you don’t have to lug a laptop and special cables to program them. Whereas the functionality as well as reliability of encoders from most major suppliers has consistently increased over the last two decades, the number of different models and part numbers remains a headache for the industry.

There are literally thousands and thousands of different part numbers with unacceptable delivery times, requiring suppliers to offer “express service” for additional cost. Smart-encoder product line cuts this down by at least a factor of ten. Smart-encoder has a built-in display and an extremely simple user interface with just two buttons to configure your encoder right on the machine, in seconds, without needing a laptop or any software. This patent pending feature comes at no additional cost either. You will find that Smart-encoder is quite price competitive with your current fixed count/type and inflexible encoder. Further, Smart-encoder comes with many different mechanical configurations to cover the vast majority of applications. All are single turn with or without gearbox.

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