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PS111 Zero Speed Switch and PS112 Adjustable Speed PS111 Zero Speed Switch and PS112 Adjustable Speed Sensor

  • Solid-state construction
  • Adjustable sensing time
  • Senses speed as low as 1/3 PPM
  • Can be used as PLC scan loss detector
  • High noise immunity and transient protection
  • Explosion proof sensors available
  • Mounts on standard AB track
  • Low cost

PS111 Zero Speed Switch

Operating Logic

Upon application of power to the input, the internal relay is energized and a time interval starts. If there is motion being sensed, pulses will be present at the sensing input, and the timer will be reset on each pulse. If pulses are coming at a rate faster than the time interval set by the potentiometer, the relay will stay energized. Should motion stop, the unit will time out and de-energize the internal relay. If the pulses restart, the relay re-energizes and the timer restarts.

Standard Time Ranges

0.05-5 sec., 0.3-30 sec., 1.8-180 sec. Other ranges on special order.

PS112 Adjustable Speed Sensor
PS112 Adjustable Speed Sensor

Operating Logic

Upon application of power to the input terminals, the PS112 begins sensing the repetition rate of the pulses being generated by the proximity switch. If the pulse rate is lower than the setpoint adjustment, the internal relay remains deactivated. If the pulse rate is higher than the setpoint, the internal relay activates.

Sensing Range

150 to 1500 P.P.M. standard. Other ranges on special order.

Response Time

Equal to time between any two pulses at given setpoint.

Sensing Mechanism

Noncontact Proximity Sensors

PS Series Speed Switches when used with QS series sensors can monitor motion of any metallic target such as gear teeth, chain links, sprockets, bolt heads, etc.

Encoders, Programmable Controllers, etc.

The pulse input to the PS Series Speed Switches can come from any 12 VDC device such as PLC’s, encoders, photoelectric devices, etc.

Electromechanical Sensing

PS111 may also be used with a repetitive contact closure such as a limit or reed switch. The switch contacts will carry low voltage at low current, therefore the leads should be isolated from any other wiring that might induce noise into the sensing output.

Scan Loss Detector

PS Series Speed Switches when used with Programmable Controllers act as safety devices to monitor if the PLC is going through its regular scans. If the PLC for any reason quits scanning its I/O ports, the pulses to the speed switch would stop de-energizing its output.

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