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PS119 Anti-Plugging Zero Speed SwitchPS119 Anti-Plugging Zero Speed Switch

A Unique Concept in Zero Speed Detection

The PS119 Anti-plugging Zero Speed Switch is designed to replace motor mounted mechanical speed controls. Typical applications are on stamping presses and in reversing controls for AC motors. The switches’ reliability has been proven through extensive use by major automotive manufacturers. THE PS119 works on the principle of back EMF generated by a coasting motor.

Reduced Costs

With the PS119 Zero Speed Switch, installation is simple and economical as there are no gears or sensors to be mounted to the motor shaft. The device installs quickly in the control panel with no changes in control wiring. All operating checks are made in the control panel and there is no need to check zero speed at the motor.


The PS119 can work on any size motor, from fractional horse-power to hundreds of horsepower. Also the motor can be either single phase or three phases, 115 VAC or 230 VAC or 480 VAC.

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