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M1950 I2

M1950 I2 PLS

1. I2 PLS


Base unit to support PLS, Die Protection and Tonnage at Angle modules


Same as above plus supports Shut Height indication/control and Peak Tonnage Modules

Slave Units:


For a slave M1950 change the “A” in SAC (in above part number) to “S”

24VAC/220V/240 VAC Units



For 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz AC power input on above chassis, change the “C” in SAC to “2”



For 24 VAC power input change the “C” in SAC in above part number to “4”

2. Plug-in Modules

Maximum of five (5) modules in ANY combination:


PLS output module – 16 channels


Die Protect Module for up to 8 inputs


Programmable Load (Peak Tonnage) Monitor with 2 channels (can only be used with SAC-M1950-01A


Programmable Load (Peak Tonnage) Monitor with 4 channels add (can only be used with SAC-M1950-01A)


Tonnage at Angle Module for up to 4 sensors (Sensors are not included, see step 6)


Resolver (multi-turn) based, absolute, shut-height indication module with 2 programmable limit outputs (Requires (1) SAC-RL210-G128M resolver and cable


Resolver (multi-turn) based, absolute, shut-height control module, consisting of 1 power output chassis, interconnecting cable (4 ft.), 8 relays, 1 SAC-RL210-G128M resolver (resolver cable is not included)

Where x =


PNP Sourcing Outputs



NPN Sinking Outputs

3. Remote Power Relay Output Chassis

3.1 Select relay chassis part number. Must use NPN type of output module (see step 2). Relays not included, see step 3.2 below to order.


Chassis for 8 solid-state relay outputs or electro-mechanical SPST outputs using KSD-A12DC-10AMP relays


Chassis for 16 solid state or electro-mechanical SPST (KSD-A12DC-10) relay outputs


Relay chassis with 8 electro-mechanical SPDT outputs (Use only KSD-012DC-10A SPDT relay)


Relay chassis with 16 electro-mechanical SPDT outputs (Use only KSD-012DC-10A SPDT relay)

220V/240 VAC Units

For 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz AC power input on above chassis, change the “Y” in ASY to “2”


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