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M1950 I2 Specifications

Power Requirements:
    120VAC+/- 10%, 50-60 Hz., 24VA
    240VAC+/- 10%, 50-60 Hz., 24VA
Operating Temperature:
    -10°F to 130°F (-23°C to 55°C)
Position Transducer
    Single turn resolver such as RL100
    with CBL-10T22-Mxxx cable, 2,500 ft. max.
Supervisory, Brake Input and Brake Reset Inputs:
Optically isolated
        TRUE: Contact closure to
                   VS- (common)
        FALSE: Open circuit
Motion Detector & Brake Monitor
Motion Detector Limits:
    2, Low & High. programmable; Motion detector output
    energizes when the resolver RPM is between
    low and high limits.
Brake Monitor:
    Normally energized, de-energizes when press
    stopping time (0-9.99 sec) exceeds programmed
    danger limit -
    2nd caution output energized when stopping time
    exceeds caution limit.
Brake Input:
    Brake timing starts when the input becomes TRUE.
# of PLS Programs/Set-ups:
    up to 100, keypad selectable
Scale factor:
    Programmable 16-999
    Programmable from 0-Scale
    Factor, common to all programs

PLS Module

Scan Time:
    100-280 microseconds
No of PLS outputs:
    16 per module, optically isolated,
    “P” or “N” factory ordered
Number of inputs:
    8, optically isolated; all inputs “P” type or “N” type,
    factory ordered
Event Detection:
    Programmable rising edge, falling edge
    or pulse detection within programmed window.
Fault Outputs:
    All outputs either “P” or “N” type (see GENERAL
    section), factory ordered Faults because of the
    non-occurrence of event can be assigned
    to activate one of the two outputs:
Top Stop:
    Stops press at top

    To stop press immediately
2 Pre-set Counters:
    Outputs energize at 0 count

Shut Height Module

Position Transducer:
    RL210, 128:1 geared Dual Resolver
    Outputs to motorized slide adjust
    to move in Up and Down directions.

Peak Load Monitor Module

Load Sensor:
    AVG-Autotech’s Load Sensor with built-in
    electronics to provide 4-20mA current signal
Number of Sensors:
    4 per module
    4 to detect Positive & Negative tonnage press limits,
    Over & Under Die Limits

Tonnage at Angle

Load Sensor:
    AVG-Autotech’s Load Sensor with built-in
    electronics to provide 4-20mA current signal
Number of Sensors:
    4 per module
    All outputs “P” or “N” type, factory ordered
Press Safe:
    Normally energized; de-energized when peak tons
    exceed programmed max. limit
Die Safe:
    Normally energized, de-energized when acquired
    tonnage profile lies outside the programmed
    band around stored reference profile
QC Alarm:
Energized when number of bad parts exceed
programmed limit (a part is considered bad if
acquired tonnage profile is outside
programmed QC band)

Communication Module

Serial Communication:
(Required for tonnage signature on PC)
    RS485 multi-drop

Remote Power Relay Outputs

    All modules with NPN sinking output can use
    remote power relay chassis to provide higher
    power outputs. The relay supported are
    electromechanical (10A@120VAC), AC solid-state
    (3A@24-280VAC) and DC solid-state
    (3A@9-60VDC or 1A@0-200VDC).

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