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M8250 BusModules

Complete Assembly (consists of adaptor cradle, PLS module and output module)
    X1 = PLC Adaptor cradle
            AB: 2 slot, AB 1771 I/O transfer cradle
            GE: GE/Fanuc 9070 VME cradle
            TI: Siemens TI-505 cradle
    X2 = PLS Module
            111: 3 digit, 16 PLS outputs, 1 motion & 1 fault output
            112: 3 digit, 16 (fast) PLS outputs, 1 motion and fault output
    X3 = Master or Slave
            M: Master
            S: Slave
    X4 = Output Module
            P: PNP Sourcing outputs
            N: NPN Sinking outputs
Position Transducer:
Select appropriate transducer from AVG Automation part RL100, E7R, E8R or RL101. Please see “How to order” information on position transducers and appropriate accessories, such as interconnect cables, mounting brackets, couplings, etc.
Spare Parts
Adapter Cradle (bus interface adapter)
SAC-M8000-010 2-slot, A-B 1771 I/O Direct Transfer Cradle
SAC-VM6EU-010 GE/Fanuc 9070 VME Cradle
SAC-TO505-010 Siemens TI-505 Cradle
*For slave unit, change the A in SAC to S
*For 220/440 VAC 50/60 hz AC power input change the C in SAC to 2
PLS Module:


3-Digit, 16 PLS Outputs, 1 Motion and 1 Fault Output


3-Digit, 16 (fast) PLS Outputs, 1 Motion and 1 Fault Output
Slave unit: Replace M in "M8xxx" with S

Output Modules:


PNP Sourcing Output


NPN Sinking Output

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