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M8251 Series BusModules Specifications

ASY-M8251-010, ASY-MS251-F10 PLS Modules
Power Requirements:
    Rack: 5 VDC @ 650 mA
    Customer: >24 VDC @ 100 mA
Operating Temperature:
    -10°F to +130°F (-23°C to +55°C)

Number of PLS Setups:  8 Groups
PLS Setpoints:
    Front Panel:  160 per PLS setup (80 per group
    of 8 outputs)
    Backplane: 112 per PLS setup (56 per group
    of 8 outputs)
Scale Factor:  Programmable from 16-999, common to all
    PLS setups (resolution 17 to 1000 counts-per-turn)
    Offset:  Programmable from 0 to scale factor value,
    common to all PLS setups
Speed Compensation:  Programmable in scale factor
    units-per-100 rpm, up to full scale factor value.
    Each PLS channel has its own speed compensation.
Motion Detector:  LOW and HIGH Motion Limits, common
    to all PLS setups. Programmable from 0-1999 RPM.
    Update Time:  (Maximum Speed with 1° Resolution)
Module:                          Time      Speed (RPM)
    ASY-M8251-010:       1.6 ms            100
    ASY-M8251-F10:       0.8 ms            200

Position Transducer:  Single-Turn Resolver, AVG
    Automation series RL100, RL101, E7R, E8R,
    or equivalent
Resolver Cable:  CBL-10T22-xxx 
    Where xxx = length in ft, 010, 020,050, and 50 ft.
    increments, e.g., 100, 150, 200 ft., etc. (3.05,6.1,15.24
    and 15.24 m increments, e.g., 30.48,45.72,60.96 m,
    etc.) Overall foil shielded, twisted pair
Cable Length between Resolver and M8251: 
    2500 ft. (762 m), max.

Maximum Resolver Shaft Speed:  2000 RPM

Electrical Specifications:  (All lnputs) 
    Optical Isolation:  2500 V 
    Input Impedance:  7500 ohms
Logic Levels: 
    TRUE:  20-30 VDC; 3 mA @ 24 VDC 
    FALSE:  0-2 VDC, or open circuit
Program Enable (PE):  When TRUE, enables setpoint

Supervisor Enable (SE):  When TRUE enables setpoint
    and setup (scale factor, offset, program number, etc.)

Output Enable (OE):  When TRUE, PLS channel outputs
    enabled (both Fault and Motion always enabled)
ModZ and Brake Inputs:
    MZ1/B1 = ModZ input I or Brake Input;
    MZ2/BC = ModZ input 1 or Brake Clear;
    MZ3 = ModZ Input 3
    MZ4 = ModZ Input 4

    An output module is required for connection to field
    devices. Consult AVG Automation's M8250 Sourcing or
    M8250 Sinking Output Module Manual (part
    MAN-M8250-POUT and MAN8250-NOUT, respective).
Fault Output:  Normally energized; de-energizes if broken
    resolver wire or M8251 internal fault is detected.

Motion Output:  Output is energized whenever
    resolver RPM is between upper and lower
    programmed motion limits.
Number of PLS Outputs:  16

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