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M1150 PAK•PLS Specifications

Input Power
AC: 120 VAC ± 10%, 7 VA; Optional 220, 240 VAC
DC: 11-28 VDC, 100 mA (typical) exclusive of load
Operating Temperature: -10 to +130°F (-23 to +55°C)
Position Transducer:
Autotech’s series RL100, E7R resolvers
Signal Resolution: 4096 counts/turn
Scale Factor: 0.300 - 4095.999, programmable
Output Update Rate: 1.4 ms
Preset: 6 digits
Decimal Point: Fully Programmable
Resolver Cable length: 2500 ft. (max) shielded

Outputs (All outputs have to be same type)
    P: PNP source transistor;
        Logic True: Transistor ON, 1.7 V drop @100 mA;
        Logic False: Transistor OFF, 0.2 mA leakage@ 50 V
Output Isolation: All outputs optically isolated up to 2500 Volts

Program Enable Input, Output Enable Input for P
Output Units:
        Enable: 0.8 V max@ 5 mA;
        Disable: 4V - 28 VDC or No Connection

M1151 PAK•PLS Specifications

Power Requirements:
    AC:  105-135 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 8 W exclusive of load
    (optional 220 VAC)
DC:  11 to 28 VDC, 100 mA. (exclusive of load)
Operating Temperature:  -10°F to +130°F(-23°C to +55°C)
System Resolution:  12 bits
Scale Factor:  Programmable, 16 to 999
Offset:  Programmable, 0 to full revolution.
Scan Time for Complete System Execution:  (All
    models: Add 13 msec for each channel nonzero speed
    compensation setting.) 
    Standard M1151:  (All speed compensations 0)
    8-Output units:  120 µs 
    16-Output units:  200 µs 
    M1151 Brake Monitor Option:  
    8-Output units:  135 µs 
    16-Output units:  215 µs 
    If Brake Time measurement is active, add 42 µs to
    normal scan time. 
    M1151 ModZ Option:  
    8-Output units:  185 µs 
    16-Output units:  265 µs 
    For each inactive ModZ channel, add 7 µs to above scan
    time. For each active ModZ channel, add 17 µs to above
    scan time. 
    M1151 Shift Register Option:  
    8-Output units:  210 µs 
    16-Output units:  290 µs 
    For each Mode 0 Shift Register channel, add 78 µs to
    above scan time. For each Mode I Shift Register
    channel, add 162 µs to above scan time.
Position Signal:  AVG Automation's Series RL100, E7R,
    E8R, or RL101 Resolvers
Cable Length between Resolver and M1151:  2,500 ft
    (762 m), shielded
Resolver Cable:  AVG Automation's, CBL-10T22-xxxx
Maximum Resolver Shaft Speed:  3,600 rpm
Resolver-to-Digital Decoder Tracking Speed:  1,800 rpm

Types Of Outputs:
P:  PNP Source Transistor:
    Logic TRUE:  Transistor ON, 1.7 V Drop @ 100 mA
    Logic FALSE:  Transistor OFF, 0.2 mA Leakage @ 50 V
N:  NPN Sink Transistor:
    Logic TRUE:  Transistor ON, 1.1 V Max. @ 100 mA
    Logic FALSE:  Transistor OFF, 0.1 mA Leakage @ 50 V
Number of PLS Outputs:  Seven or 15 plus one motion detector output

Number of ON/OFF Setpoints per channel:
    Channel 1:  One dual-setpoint
    All other channels:  Counts per revolution ÷ 2
Motion Detector:  
    Low Setpoint:  Up to 998-rpm max. 
    High Setpoint:  Up to 999-rpm max. 
    Output:  P- or N-type, (same as PLS outputs) 
    Note:  Motion, fault and direction outputs will be the
    same as the PLS outputs ordered.
Optical Isolation:  1500 Vr,, standard on all I/O (except
    resolver and analog velocity signals)
Remote Power Relay Outputs:  For Cam and Motion
    outputs requiring higher current ratings, a separate
    Remote Power Relay chassis AVG Automation's part
    number, ASY-RLYCH-xxxx, can be used. The relay
    chassis is connected to a unit having N-type outputs
    using a pre-wired cable.
Relay Chassis Input Power:  120 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
Cable:  Pre-wired with DB15 connector on both ends.
Relays:  Relay chassis is available for EM or solid-state
Number of Outputs:  7 or 15 cam outputs plus 1 motion, 1
    direction, and 1 fault.
Unit Required:  N type
Electromagnetic relays:
(KSD-120C-10A):  120 VAC @ 10 A, SPST, Form C
(KSD-A120C-10A):  120VAC @10 A, SPST, Form A
Solid State AC relay:  
  24 280 VAC @ 0.23 A, zero
    cross-over switching Triac output relay, optically isolated
    Solid State DC relays:
KSS-60VDC-3AMP:  960 VDC @ 3 A, optically isolated
    KSS-200VDC-1A:  0-200 VDC @ I A, optically isolated

    Program Enable, Output Enable, External Program
    Select, ModZ, Shift Register, & Brake Monitor Inputs:
    For P-type units:  
Enable or TRUE:  11.0 to 28.0 VDC @ 13.5 mA max. or
    tied to Terminal 9 on the terminal block. (Terminal 9 is
    internally wired to Vs+ for P-type of units) 
Disable or FALSE:  2.0 VDC @ 0.2 mA max. or open
For N-type units: 
Enable or TRUE:  1.0 VDC @ ‑3.0 mA max. or tie to
    Terminal 9 on the terminal Block (Terminal 9 is internally
    wired to Vs- for N-type of units) 
Disable or FALSE:  3.8V DC to 28 VDC Max @ -0.2 mA
    max. or open circuit.

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