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M8000 Resolver Decoder Input ModulesM8000 Resolver Decoder Input Modules


Allen-Bradley 1771 Rack Compatible

  • Fully absolute position; No loss of position under any situation
  • Choice of 360, 1,000, or 3,600 counts-per-turn for single-turn models
  • Choice of 16-bit or 17-bit resolution for multi-turn models
  • Built-in offset for quick set-up
  • Bright LED position display
  • BCD position output for external devices
  • Highly noise immune ratiometric decoder, ensures optimum performance under noisy conditions
  • Rugged resolver as input device, can be mounted 2,500 ft (762 m) away

The series 8000 Single-Turn and Multi-turn (dual) Resolver Decoder Input Modules use state-of-the-art CMOS circuits to provide high-noise-immunity and low-backplane-current requirement. These modules are used to decode resolver signals and provide decoded digital position information to an Allen-Bradley PLC*.

Single and Multi-Turn

The single-turn module decodes resolver signals into 3 or 4-digit BCD rotary position and the multi-turn module provides 6-digit BCD linear position. All models feature digital static-offset thumbwheels to facilitate aligning resolver zero during machine set-up. In addition, these modules have a bright-LED display, a built-in BCD remote display driver bus for each digit (compatible with AVG Automation 1855D remote display).


The Resolver Decoder Input Modules are fully Allen-Bradley-compatible and plug directly into any A-B 1771 1/0 rack. The single-turn modules use single-turn resolvers such as the AVG Automation RL100, RLIOI, E7R, or E8R.

The multi-turn modules use multi-turn (dual) resolvers such as the AVG Automation SAC-RL210. The single-turn 3 and 4-digit input modules occupy two 1/0 slots (1 word) and the multi-turn 6-digit input modules occupy three 1/0 slots (11/2 words).

Fully Absolute Rugged Encoder

Series 8000 resolver decoder, in conjunction with AVG Automation's resolvers, provides a fully absolute encoder. Even if a machine moves during power outage the resolver always knows its true position when the power is restored. The NEMA 13 resolver can withstand hostile environment such as mechanical shock, vibration, extreme humidity & temperature changes, oil mists, coolants, solvents, and can be mounted 2,500 ft (762 m) away from the decoder. The ratiometric converter assures high tracking speed of 1,800 RPM and very-high noise-immunity.

Variety of Models

A variety of resolver decoder input models are available to meet the requirements of different application needs.

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