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M8350 Resolver Decoder BusModuleM8350 Resolver Decoder BusModule


  • Fully absolute position; no loss of position under any situation
  • Programmable scale up to 4096
  • Programmable offset for quick set-up
  • Bright LED position display
  • Highly noise immune ratiometric decoder, ensures optimum performance under electrically noisy conditions
  • Cradles for popular PLCs


AVG Automation has continuously set the standard for speed, precision, reliability, and product features in the resolver decoder and programmable limit switch (PLS) marketplaces.

In the past, to implement such functions, the user purchased a stand-alone Resolver Decoder or PLS, and connected it to the machine. With the advent of the programmable logic controller (PLC), users now want to integrate such functionality with their PLCs.

Also, users don't want to tie-up their PLC's CPU with the necessity of performing all the data processing, calculation, Signal conditioning, and scaling of a resolver's input in order to implement motion control actions.

Now, users of Allen-Bradley 1771 I/O, GE Fanuc: 9070 VMEbus, and Siemens TI-505 PLCs can simply plug such functionality directly into their PI-Cs-forever freeing the PLC's CPU to perform other control functions.

Resolver Decoder Function Module

The M8350-010 Resolver Decoder Module is an intelligent 1/0 module used with PLCs. All the parameters contained within the Resolver Decoder can be accessed or programmed through a series of commands. These commands can be easily implemented by users in Relay Ladder Logic.

The M8350 Resolver Decoder communicates with the PLC through INPUT and OUTPUT registers. To read information from the M8350, or to write information to the M8350, the PLC issues a command by writing to output registers. If a response is required, it is read from the input registers.

Features include:

  • Self-monitoring diagnostics with fault output
  • Broken resolver wire detection
  • Hardware-based microprocessor monitoring
  • Simultaneous display of RPM and Position data
  • Position and output status available to backplane every 700 µs
  • Programmable motion detector (under-/over-speed switch)
  • Fully absolute position; no loss of position under any condition
  • Programmable resolution; 20-4096 counts-per-turn
  • Uses input from single-turn resolver

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