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DM2 Single-Turn Resolver Decoder Snap Track MountDM2 Single-Turn Resolver Decoder Snap Track Mount

Model DM2-STRAK-xxxxx

No Optics • No Electronics in Feedback Sensor • Absolute/Incremental • -67 deg F to 248 deg F Resolver Operation • Up to 20 Bit Resolution • Short-Circuit Proof Wiring • Local LED or LCD Display • Same Decoders for Many Different Resolvers

Autotech's Single Resolver Decoder model DM2-STRAK-xxxxx is a snap track mounted single resolver decoder especially designed for OEMs. The unit can be ordered with PNP sourcing, NPN sinking (high or low true logic), or with TTL type of outputs.  It operates from an 11-28 VDC input power. The decoder provides complimentary quadrature phase outputs.

The unit has built-in diagnostics for broken resolver cable and for shorted outputs ( P and N outputs only). Two LED indicators provide positive indication of a properly working unit.  The resolver interface is short circuit proof.

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