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Size 40 single-turn resolverSize 40 Single-turn Resolver

RL100 Resolver - The Workhorse of the Industry

AVG Automation's model RL100 resolver is the most rugged resolver in the industry today.  AVG Automation has over 25,000 of these resolvers operating with extreme reliability in highly demanding applications in automotive, can-manufacturing and packaging industries.  Rugged, industrial housing, heavy-duty, double row, ball bearing and an internal flexible coupling lend to an extremely reliable design.

Part Numbers

Sample Part Numbers: SAC-RL100-010 and SAC-RL100-M11

Size 40 Brushless Resolver
Size 40 = 4.0" (101.6 mm) diameter housing
SAX1-RL100-x2 Brushless resolver, single-turn, 5/8" (15.88 mm) shaft dia
x1 = NEMA Rating Brushless resolver, single-turn, NEMA 13, 5/8” shaft dia., with MS connector for wiring
            C: NEMA 13
            4: NEMA 4
            9: NEMA 4X
x2 = Wiring
            010: With terminal block wiring
            M11: With MS Connector
            M19: With 19-pin MS connector on side for wiring
Substitute 0 in SAX1-RL100-X2 with 2 for higher accuracy resolver.



Frequency: 2250 Hz
Input voltage: 1.88 V
Input current: 6 mA
Input power: 6.5 mW watts
Rotor impedence with stator
Open circuit ZL0: 180+ j256 ohms
DC resistance (Rotor): 18.3 ohms
Output voltage (Stator): 2.63 V +/- 5%
Transformation ratio: 1.400


Resolver SAC-RL100
Housing Size Size 40
(4.0² dia.)
Max. Stating Torque @ 25 deg. C (oz-in) 8
Moment of Inertia
Max. Slew Speed (RPM): 5000
Shaft Size 5/8"
Max. Shaft Loading:
Axial (lbs):
Radial (lbs):

Bearing life at Max.
Mfr. Spec. (Rev.)
Approx. Weight (lbs): 6


Shock 200g for 11 mSec.
Vibration 20g to 2000Hz
Operating Temperature -67 to 248° F
Storage Temperature -85 to 302° F
Enclosure NEMA 13

Size 40 single-turn resolver diagram
For ordering information or sales/technical support, call 1-800-832-3647 or email us at support.auto@avg.net.
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